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Nuvata Cartridge

Nuvata Cartridge


The terpene composition of this blend begins with myrcene, creating the dominant calming sensation. Caryophyllene contributes a warm feeling of uplift along with pinene, which enhances a sense of focus. Humulene and linalool work to provide an active sense of relaxation that inspires a uniquely present feeling of serenity.

  • Full Mind - Strawberry
  • Mind Dominant - Tangerine
  • Mind Body Balance - Tropical
  • Mind Body Balance - Lime
  • Body Dominant - Blueberry
  • Full Body - Wild Grape
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Full Mind – Strawberry, Mind Dominant – Tangerine, Mind Body Balance – Tropical, Mind Body Balance – Lime, Body Dominant – Blueberry, Full Body – Wild Grape

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