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Does Weed Go Bad?

For cannabis lovers and users, keeping the buds or edibles in proper condition is of utmost importance.

While buying cannabis from dispensaries, a lot of people become curious about the shelf life. It does not matter if you want to buy marijuana for relaxation or to get relief from some chronic medical condition. You have to learn about the expected longevity of the substance.

So, Does Cannabis Go Bad?

This is a question to which there exists many answers! It all depends on how the cannabis is kept and for how long. Regardless of the strain, you will find cannabis stored for a long time to be harsh. It will make you cough and stress your lungs more. The original aroma will vanish.

It is hard to predict how long cured flowers will last! The extraction method and processing also matter a lot here. Commercial products such as shatters and extractions last long. On average, the perfectly cured flower may last without losing quality and aroma for one year or more. However, it would be wrong if you assume that cured cannabis is like wine. It does not taste better with age!

Even if it is stored well, the cannabinoid profile will alter over time, slowly.

What Are The Risk Factors?

Cannabis withers over time and that is rather natural. However, cannabis can deteriorate in another way too. It gets wasted when mold or fungus forms. Moldy marijuana can be risky to use. Two of the commonplace marijuana mold is Aspergillus and Botrytis cinerea. Bud rot or Botrytis cinerea is relatively less risky, though it may also lead to the onset of lung damage.

Inhaling aspergillus, however, can pave way for infection and invasive pulmonary aspergillosis – a potentially fatal condition.

Ways To Identify Old Cannabis

To know whether cannabis is in good condition or not, you need to check for mold. The moment you spot mold, it is necessary that you discard that stock.

A few things you can do to assess the quality of cannabis.

  • Look – Dried out and old cannabis looks brittle and it has brownish hues.
  • Aroma – Good quality cannabis will smell nice.
  • Touch – Quality cannabis feels dry when touched.
  • Taste – Aged cannabis may sometimes taste weird.

What You Can Do with Deteriorating Cannabis

Sometimes, you can make use of cannabis that is deteriorating in quality. For example, you can:

  • Throw it away.
  • Use it in compost for preparing the soil.
  • Use it to prepare cannabis butter.

The bottom line is dried cannabis does not necessarily cause harm to your health, as opposed to mold laced cannabis. It tastes harsh and is not at all ideal for the beginners.

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